Does Your Milk Contain Pesticides and Antibiotics?

Are you drinking pesticides and antibiotics whenever you have a glass of conventional milk?

The science says it’s likely!

A 2019 study found residue from pesticides and antibiotics in conventionally produced milk and NOT in organic milk 

Some of the conventional samples contained antibiotic levels that exceeded federal limits 

When we consume dairy products contaminated by these agrochemicals and antibiotics, we put our health at risk 

Pesticides have endocrine-disrupting effects which impair hormones and reproductive health (and yet we force feed milk to small children whose bodies are rapidly developing) 

Heavy exposure to antibiotics disrupts the gut microbiome and can cause hypersensitivity reaction, antibiotic resistance and even cancer 

So what can you do? 

Choose organic dairy products whenever possible (milk, cheese, yogurt etc) to avoid consuming these harmful chemicals in your food

While organic is unfortunately more expensive, studies indicate the investment in long term health is well worth it 

Depending on where you live, you can also talk to local farmers about their products - they’re often produced organically (but the certification is extremely expensive) and the focus is on quality over quantity